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Month End

March 28th, 2008

All the while that we (Pen and me) are not blogging this past few weeks is because we are enjoying each other’s company here in Singapore. There, that’s our reason for online absence. Nothing beats IRL quality time. Well now since Pen is in the Philippines for a short vacation (not really a vacation), I have a short window of time to compose a new entry probably to close the month of March.

I got a mass email from the Pinoy WordPress community administrator reminding me to make the link love for the members. The Chuckie Dreyfuss started this community and is gaining momentum since it was first started. This has been an ongoing effort to promote Pinoy bloggers using WordPress platform – either the freely hosted one or the own-install version. Well, I finally did it. I copied and pasted the links to make the new page Pinoy WordPress Link Love. Thanks for all the incoming links from the members and I hope I can do my share to juice up your blog page ranks.

Pen will be back from the Philippines stopping a day here in Singapore before finally heading back to Sydney. We are not yet quite sure when we’ll meet again as we are trying very hard to minimize expenses of travelling. If there will be a cheap flight sometime this year, either I fly to Sydney or she goes back here in Singapore. We still don’t know yet.

There goes my short window of time. Going back to face the real world now.

Christmas in Singapore

December 13th, 2007

I’ve been told that Christmas here in Singapore is one of those holidays that people look forward to. In this country where literally race/nationality and religion is mixed anywhere, celebrating a feast for certain group (Easter, Christmas, Hari Raya, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, etc) is a challenge. Take for instance, this Christmas. Not all people are celebrating it. So there are only few decors around. One place where Christmas is truly in the air is the Orchard Rd stretch. But I haven’t been there for some time now, so I still don’t feel that feeling of Christmas.

Christmas Singapore

Malls are also already decorated with ornaments. Again, unlike in the Philippines, Christmas decorations will be put up as soon as the ber months start, it seems that it was only last week of November when malls were decorated. I miss the cheerfulness of Pinoys during this holiday season. In here, Singaporeans, Chinese, Malays, Indians, etc are still grumpy and goes on with their usual everyday i-dont-care-with-other-races attitude.

Christmas Singapore

All is not lost though. We will be having a Christmas Party with our team in a function room of somebody’s condominium. We’ll have the usual potluck and bring your native dish style. Attendance will be represented by Filipinos, Indonesians, Singaporeans, Indians and a Norwegian. I’ll also be attending another Christmas Party with the shooters and their families the next day.

Hopefully the Christmas Spirit will dawn upon me by then.

Thoughts aside
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Mainit na December

December 3rd, 2007

First time ko mag-papasko na mainit ang panahon. Actually bago yun, marami palang first time ngayong pasko.

First time
…di sa pinas magpapasko
…di kasama ang pamilya sa pasko
…sa ibang bansa magpapasko
…sa Sydney magpapasko
…kaming dalawa lang ni Pen magkasama sa pasko
…mainit ang pasko.

Summer kasi sa Sydney. Kaya ayun, mukhang mag-be-beach kami ni Pen. Sabagay kahit naman dito sa Singapore, mainit din ang panahon. Walang kasimoy-simoy ng pasko sa himpapawid.

December na nga, nag-be-beach pa rin ang mga tao.
Sentosa Beach

Malamang-lamang nito sa Sydney, ganyan din ang magiging itsura namin ni Pen. Dramatic far-away look sa open sea. hehe

Pasko? Ano yun?

November 17th, 2007

Di ako makatulog. Napa-blog hop na lang tuloy sa mga pinoy bloggers. Ang mga entries ng karamihan ay tungkol sa nalalapit na pasko. Na-realize ko, oo nga ano. November na. November 17 na.

Putragis! Di ko maramdaman ang pasko!

Malamang sa Pinas, Paskong-pasko na ang pakiramdam ng mga tao. Dito sa Singapore, alaws talaga. Yung November 1 nga, lumipas lang. Etong Pasko mukhang lilipas lang din.

Mainit pa rin dito. Minsan umuulan. Ang ulan dito, matagal na ang dalawang oras. Any day, pwedeng umulan. Walang sabi-sabi, basta na lang uulan. Tapos pag umulan, dalawang oras lang ay solb na. Kahit na buhos talaga ang ulan, asahan mo after 2 hours, matatapos din yun at matutuyo ang kalsada in no time.

Ganyan ang weather dito. Walang kasimoy-simoy ng Pasko. Malamig sa gabi dahil sa aircon. Paglabas naman ng kwarto o pagbukas ng bintana, di ganun kalamigan. Olats talaga.

Ayan tuloy, na-realize ko lang yung sinasabi ng mga tao na iba talaga ang Pasko sa Pinas. Ngayon ko lang talaga naintindihan. Kailangan hindi mo ma-experience para maintindihan mo.

Pillar candle

November 5th, 2007

I found this beautiful store called Dusk in Bondi Junction yesterday, and by gracious I so loved it! I’ve had my share of scent-shopping in the Philippines, and it is easy to find quite good products. But it was a surprise to find a candle store that I actually loved here!

This candle I got yesterday was divine! All worth the fortune =) I never thought I’d give up on tea lights to infuse oils so easily. I just never had the right candle to burn I guess. A really good scented candle and a match to strike to light it.
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Adidas AdiPrene

July 4th, 2007

Bought new shoes last last week.
Adidas AdiPrene


I went to a place akin to our Greenhills in the Philippines. Queensway Shopping Center is a mall which specifically sells sporting apparels. There were lots of shoes, shirts, tennis and soccer equipments. The place is a little bit rundown and not the typical mall with lots of lights and display. Para talagang ShoppesVille.
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Christchurch Trip

June 21st, 2007

Pics from Christchurch, NZ trip here. No people pictures. Just the sights. And some random shots of moi.

The conference was Evolution 2007. It was too big a group to get to know everyone, so I took it slow speaking with fellow postgraduates and a handful of professional academics. Biologists are an interesting brood, I have to say. Even more so the theoretical lot. It was particularly curious to meet Mark’s colleagues from his honours, postgrad and postdoc years. What I found quite funny was his Stanford peers saying how Mark’s academic lineage extends to as far back as Karl Friedrich Gauss… so that they were calling me their academic ‘niece’, ‘cousin’ since I was, they said Mark’s ‘daughter’.

[storytelling put to a stop… i’ve typed up really long narratives only to get them lost into internet oblivion… guess I wasn’t destined to tell too much. maybe just a bit as we go…]


March 7th, 2007

I am feeling quite happy today. This post will definitely turn out to be one of my self-absorbed ones, so be warned.

Today was a lovely day. On several points too:

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Chikahan: Pinoy style

March 5th, 2007

On the bus ride to Katoomba on our way to the Blue Mountains, I ended up having a thought-provoking conversation with Mitzi. I knew she was tired from clubbing the night before (and so was I from lack of sleep) and I expected her to doze off. Yet she was very keen to speak about what the problems in the Philippines were, and how come it is so difficult for our country to rise from the ashes. What triggered the “downfall” of what appeared to be a cosmopolitan age in the pre-Marcos era? Are the Spanish really to blame for our damaged culture? How the hell did the Americans manage to dominate influence on Pinoys in so many aspects? Why are there still so many poor people in our country? Why do Pinoys vote actors into politics? Why do they run at all? Who are these bigwigs that steer how the country is faring? Why are Pinoys so enamored with Kris Aquino? Why is GMA so short a person?

Ok so the last one we didn’t really get to talk about. But I bet Mitzi wouldn’t mind discussing that too next time we meet.
A few more details about the Katoomba trip…
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Mardi Gras and Katoomba trip

March 5th, 2007

Went on a trip to see the Three Sisters rock formation in the Blue Mountains of Katoomba NSW. Pity we only had roughly a day. More bushwalking would have been fun to do. But still, the company was awesome and it turned out to be a really nice time. I enjoy hanging out with these new-found cool people (Dana, Mitzi, Jot, etc) Ines introduced me to, and that made the time well-spent. Though I wouldn’t mind going back to Katoomba to do some more sightseeing. Some pics here:

The other day was in the city to see what the fuss is all about in Mardi Gras. I read a little bit about how it started so I wasn’t all too surprised when we got there and saw gays and lesbians flocking the streets in full colour. Pictures here (not for the faint-hearted):

I know, my photo-shooting has gone from bad to worse now. I’m having a hard time with the camera recently. Oh well. At least it works and helps me keep track of what goes on eh? So it’s not all that bad.

I’m so tired now. The weekend was fun but not relaxing at all. I went to Uni today feeling out of shape, and now I just have to hit the sack and recharge. See y’all soon.

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