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Ang aking haligi.

February 23rd, 2010

Ako’y masaya dahil ika’y paparito muli dahil sa walang sawa mong pag-una ng iyong sarili para sa aking kapanan. Dahil sa aking galak, gusto kong ipabatid dito sa blog ang aking pasasalamat sa iyo, aking asawa.

Bakit kailangan pang bilangin ang taon ng kasal? Simula’t sapul pa lamang, pinagtagpo tayo’t pinagtibay ng mahigit dekada na. Itong maikling video na ginawa ko noong 2008 noong una mo akong dinalaw sa dayuhang bansa, nais kong ipakita sa madla noong dinamdam ko ang iyong pag-alis para bumalik sa trabaho. Ginawa ko ito para maibsan ang pait ng pagkakalayo.

Kung magbibilang na rin lang, ilatag na ang lahat. Labinlimang taon na ang lumipas nang una tayong nagkakilala. Labintatlong magnobyo. Nagpakasal kamakailan lamang, bilang pagpugay sa samahang walang hangganan.

Salamat sa bawat sandali, mahal ko. At salamat sa maraming darating pa.

Ang iyong nagmamahal na asawa.

Food: what’s good, what’s not

February 18th, 2010

Since I found out I was expecting, I suddenly feel like I know nothing about nutrition and good health. ALmost everyone who knows about my pregnancy I have already asked what I should and should not eat.

I’ll probably update this post from time to time to collec t what I’ve found online.

Baby Center
Advice from the Food Authority
Advice from Victorian Health

Sunday miracle

February 15th, 2010

First day in 2 weeks that I kept food down. I think it’s lemon that helped me. I never thought I’d enjoy food again. Well, at least food that is still bland or simple tasting. But water is still an issue, and I can’t drink anything except lemon water.

Online buzzing

February 13th, 2010

As if we’re not busy enough bees already, then another online toy comes along. Google Buzz is not a lot different from current social networks as Facebook and Twitter, except that it can reside along with other Google tools at your usual disposal.

It’s an interesting implementation. Most of your contacts in Gmail automatically get added to your buzz list, but they don’t get to participate unless they activate Buzz in their own Google account. At the moment, I’ve found it fun to see some quirkiness from my usually quiet contacts in Gmail. Though it might easily become a passing novel feature that people will forget like Google Wave, at the moment it looks manageable enough to be easy to understand and use for people. Like anything, the experience can be different for different people. It would largely depend on which contacts you have and how you use the tools that determines how it works for you.

A lot is wrong with it right now, with posts randomly appearing from nowhere. But I think it’s more the linking of external websites that is causing this issue, and it really isn’t surprising at all. You can enable Flickr, Twitter and other websites to update in Buzz (but I don’t think you can do the opposite, yet). A detail that may bother some is that anyone with a public buzz can be viewed by other people, and in turn, strangers can see your contact list. I’m not sure if they can actually “SEE” the entirety of your buzz contact list. But for sure if you have a google profile made public, you will appear to others even if you don’t know them. It’s important that Google makes this clear and fixes these privacy issues.

I am not sure why Google has this fancy for releasing half-baked tools. Buzz is no different, I guess. There needs to be some better way to control Buzz the way you want it to work, but I’m not sure exactly how. Kevin Rose has blogged about Buzz twice in a row now: First, he explains why Google needs Buzz, and then he outlines a few requests on what features should be added/tweaked. Perhaps he’ll be a more eloquent ‘explainer’ of what the potential is on this new Google tool, i.e. what fuss Google Buzz deserves.

Sydney’s hottest February day in 5 years

February 12th, 2010

That was today at 38 degrees C, with humidity as much as 99%.

With such hot and humid weather it doesn’t help much with my demeanor and comfort while working at home. But well, can’t complain too much coz I did get to sleep a bit and escape most of the morning sickness the entire morning.

Bland is often right

February 9th, 2010

Food is my biggest challenge (fatigue a very close second). Anything with complex flavor is very unlikely to be agreed with by my taste buds. The tummy is protesting hunger, but my mouth is being very picky!

I Need food which are neutrally tasting, in other words, bland, but nutritious.

A multivitamin

February 8th, 2010

I’ve finally got a mommy multivitamin:

So i think i’m off the separate doses of folate, iodine and iron, or I’ll end up taking too much.

Another prescription from the GP is ice cream. Gotta get the calcium from somewhere =)

Health questions answered.

February 4th, 2010

A very informative interview of Dr. Weil by Kevin Rose. A few practical health questions answered. (taken from

Sleepy as sleepy gets

February 2nd, 2010

I’ve always been the sleepy kind. But my goodness I can’t imagine being sleepier now more than ever! I was told I’d experience fatigue as part of the first trimester (and online information confirms this). But whew, I can’t get out of bed without having to snooze for two hours!

I wonder if I can get anything done at all? Even more so now, I’ll be needing some serious streamlining of tasks. It’s not easy and I’m not sure if I can cope with all the work I still need done in the next few weeks…

Mini-goal: Get to bed as early as possible. Primetime TV is not worth it.

February One Twenty Ten

February 1st, 2010

So are we officially back in blogging?

We’ve strayed away from Janep from the past year or so. We were at twitter, plurk and that thing called facebook. But at the end of the day, we still come back here in the place which we call home.

Now that it seems we will be updating Janep in a regular basis again, I need to do some spring cleaning around the site. I’m too lazy to switch to another theme so we’ll leave it at that for the moment.

We’ll have a big year ahead of us. No definite plans yet *that* far but we’ll see.

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