Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer is Bloatware

July 6th, 2008

That’s the consensus in the interwebs these days. Version 9.0 is already out and it is a staggering 33mb download compared to version 8.0’s 22mb download. Acrobat’s installer is just getting heavier and heavier.

I’ve been using FoxIt reader even before version9.0 went out. It’s a very decent alternate for mighty Adobe. Light and compact. It gets the job done and no useless crap installed within it.

One Response to “Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer is Bloatware”

  1. pennyon 06 Jul 2008 at 12:03 pm

    FoxIt, please put a ‘refresh’/’reload’ shortcut! When I’m editing using pdflatex I’d like to be able to see the output right off, and not have to close the PDF file and reopen. That’s all I ask!

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